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         Show & Breeders Standard in Australia

 Miniature Pig & Pet Pig Breed Standard:


           a) Head - In proportion to the body, short snout.

           b) Ears - In proportion to the head.

           c) Neck - Proportionately and evenly set on the shoulder.

           d) Shoulder - Blending with the rest of the body.

           e) Chest - Well Sprung and not too deep, chest wide between the front legs for 


           f) Belly - At least six or more sound and well spaced teats, full but not flabby,

              Boars testicles should be even in size and firmly set.

           g) Back - Proportion to the body.

           h) Sides - Proportion to the width of shoulders.

           i) Legs - Of medium length, with good strong bone structure.

           j) Rump - Broad and full.

           k) Feet - Strong, closed and even clevs.

           l) Hair - Any hair length, but of fine quality.

           m) Colour - Any colour is Acceptable.


           Show Disqualifications

           a) Narrow and thin rump.

           b) Raised rump.

           c) Narrow and thin head.

           d) Long and gangly legs.

           e) Long and protruding tusks.

           f) Skinny and underweight. 



 MPPPA High Standard of Excellence in Breeding:


 Breeders of miniature pigs and pet pigs that are members of the MPPPA (Inc), agree to the High 

 Standard of Excellence in Animal Husbandry by:

a). Keep their Breeding Pigs and Piglets in a clean and healthy environment, in       

     accordance with the DPI and Local Councils.

b). Breeding Sows will be 12 months of age and over when first mated.                   

c). Breeding Sows will have only one litter of piglets per year.

d). Keep official certificates for personal records and reference.

e). Keep all piglets/pigs up to date on all veterinary treatment and care.

f). Piglets will be handled so they are friendly.

h). Piglets are to be fully weaned before being sold/adopted/homed.

i). Piglets are to be a minimum of 6 weeks of age to be sold/adopted/homed.

j). Male and Female piglets that are being sold as pets are to be spayed (desexed)  

     before being sold/adopted/homed and are qualified for limited registration.

k). Supply information to new owners of a pet pig on how to feed, house, train

     and the veterinary treatment and care requirements.

l). Offer ongoing support to who adopts their piglets/pig



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