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  Registered Breeders of :

  Miniature Pigs in Australia

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   registered breeder's of -

   Miniature Pigs in Australia

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   Dr Carr & Jaycee Morgan are

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   Information about getting -

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  MPPPA- Full Members Area

  MPPPA full members area only.

  For registered breeders of

  Miniature Pigs  

     MPPPA - Full Membership

 Full Membership - for breeders of Miniature Pigs or Pigs.

  • Person/s who own and breed miniature pigs or pigs in Australia.

      - Benefits of becoming a MPPPA Full Member:

                           * MPPPA member & breeder's certificate.

                           * Register your miniature pig/s or pig/s

                           * Free Web Site

                           * Join the online forum for miniature pig/pig breeders.

                           * Receive the MPPPA newsletter for breeders.

                           * Membership consists of a maximum of two adults.

                              Full Membership (One Vote Only)


MPPPA -fee's          Joining Prefix     Membership


  * One of Fee * One of Fee



Full Membership




= $130.00


Associate Membership




= $33.00


  1. Membership is not refundable or transferable

  1. Applications for membership to the Association must be on an official membership form that is available from the secretary or on the associationís web-site and sent to the associations Official Registry, with the correct joining fees.


        You can download all PDF Forms  -  Forms


(2a) The form is to be filled out by the applicant and signed and dated.

(2b) The Official Registry will process each new membership received

        without prior approval from the Committee.

(2c) If the Committee deems the membership inappropriate, a full refund

       will be given to the application for membership.

(2d) Any changes to a membership will require a new application.

(2e) All memberships are to be paid annually by the due date.


  1. Members will avoid all misleading statements or opinions either spoken, printed or advertised, that may affect other breeders or owners of miniature or pet pigs or of miniature pigs and pet pigs themselves. Failure to follow these rules can result in complaints submitted to the Committee on the Committee Feed Back form.

(3a)The Committee will vote and decide on the action to be taken and if 

      the said action is not followed, the membership/s to the association 

      may be cancelled.


  1. Prefixes are not refundable, or transferable without written consent of the previous recorded owner.



All forms for Memberships and Registrations are to be posted to-

The Miniature Pig and Pet Pig Association of Australia

P.O BOX 189,

KIAMA  N.S.W  2533

Phone: (02)42323333  Fax: (02)42323350



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