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  Registered Breeders of :

  Miniature Pigs in Australia

   Contact details for all

   registered breeder's of -

   Miniature Pigs in Australia

  Ask a Pet Pig Question

   Dr Carr & Jaycee Morgan are

   available to answer your 

   questions about pet pigs.

  Purchasing a Pet Pig

   Information about getting -

   your miniature pig.

  MPPPA- Full Members Area

  MPPPA full members area only.

  For registered breeders of

  Miniature Pigs  

     MPPPA - Information

How to become a MPPPA Member

If you own Miniature Pigs or Pigs

& would like to be a Registered Breeder


 Information for the Sale & Movement of Pigs in Australia


 MPPPA Membership

 MPPPA Fee's

 Membership Information & Fees

 for joining the MPPPA.


 Fee's for the MPPPA and for Advertising on the MPPPA Web-Site.


 MPPPA Registration

 MPPPA Standard

 Information for the Registration of   

 Miniature Pigs &  Pet Pigs 

 intended for Breeding in Australia.


 The high Standard required for Showing 

 Miniature Pigs & Pet Pigs in Australia.  

 Also a guide for breeders to follow in

 their breeding program

 MPPPA Code of Ethics

 MPPPA Colour Standard

 MPPPA registered breeders agree to

 follow the code of ethics to achieve 

 the high standard of breeding.

 The Colour Standard used for MPPPA 

 Registrations and Shows in Australia.





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